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Weird Activity For Me

So I watched two Paranormal Activity movies this weekend. Oh the things you’ll do for “her” lol. I don’t like horror films and have no interest in watching them usually. These movies in particular were sort of boring to me. However, I respect these films very much. These films truly capture the art of suspense and horror. They are not gore. They are horror.

While watching these movies, I thought of a classic teaching of Alfred Hitchcock on the art of suspense vs. surprise.

"Let us suppose that there is a bomb underneath this table between us. Nothing happens, and then all of a sudden, “Boom!” There is an explosion. The public is surprised, but prior to this surprise, it has seen an absolutely ordinary scene, of no special consequence. Now, let us take a suspense situation. The bomb is underneath the table and the public knows it…In these conditions this same innocuous conversation becomes fascinating because the public is participating in the secret." (Hitchcock/Truffaut)


"There’s two people having breakfast and there’s a bomb under the table. If it explodes, that’s a surprise. But if it doesn’t…"

These movies are living examples of Hitchcocks mind when it comes to suspense.

I still am not a huge fan, though. Lol. But I can respect them.

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